No updates this week…

Sorry for the lack of updates. As I mentioned in the previous post, I missed out on Saturday night’s Splendid Chaos show because of work. Likewise, last night’s planned trip out was canceled due to the tornadic activity in Alabama. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting back on answers from one of the members of the Eastern Wave, so the interview is still delayed. (One of the joys of long distance interviewing, I guess. I’ll learn.)

The next few weeks, though, I have at least half a dozen bands that I want to go see, so that should provide some good stuff.

Keep checking in! ^___^



The bad news is that something came up at work and I ended up out of town this week and won’t be making it to Montgomery in time to see Splendid Chaos tonight.

The good news is that, while waiting for my exclusive interview with The Eastern Wave, you can go here and sample/download some of their music!

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to order (or download) your copy of the Wobbly Tom’s album, Everybody Happy, also found here.

Also a note to everyone who’s stopped by to see this blog. Thank you for the read, and I hope you continue to check me out for updates! If anyone has any suggestions on bands they think I should see, or venues I should check out, please feel free to leave a comment! Thank you again!

Surgestone, One Shocking Rock Band




Living in Montgomery, it seems that I am subjected to cover bands more than I was in St. Augustine. Truth be told, St. Augustine spoiled me. However, much as I harp on cover bands, they’re not really a bad thing. There is a world of difference between a group who plays covers well and one who writes bad songs and can hardly play their instruments. Miss Used was a perfect example of how much fun, and exactly how good, a cover band can be.

I judge a band on 3 main things:

1) Their sound (how well they play)

2) Their energy

and 3) Their creativity.

How much of a show they put on is also nice, but (to me) more of a bonus that often accompanies point 2.

I should note that, by creativity, I don’t just mean in their songwriting ability. A lot of talent goes into taking a known song and making it your own. Take for instance Johnny Cash’s cover of Nine Inch Nail’s song “Hurt.”

The words themselves don’t change, but the meaning behind them when Cash sings does. He owns that song as if it were his own.

That being said, Surgestone, while really good, wasn’t anything special. They only had a fraction of the energy of Miss Used. (But then, there were only 2 members there this night, both of whom remained seated during the performance. I imagine, if I got to see the entire band, it would be more energetic.) And while far from owning the songs they performed, they put enough of their own flair to keep the songs from being radio copies. The only dancing came from a trio of drunk Japanese men.

Don’t misunderstand me, though. They weren’t boring. Their sound was excellent. It was an enjoyable experience. It was understandable why the 1048 was so crowded. It didn’t hurt that they played a lot of 90s music, either. A lot of really good music came out of that decade. (It doesn’t have anything to do with the fact that I grew up in the 90s and am nostalgic about the music. No, really, it doesn’t…mostly.)

Surgestone obviously enjoys playing music, and it shows. Likewise, the audience seemed to really enjoy them, even if there was little dancing. According to their Facebook page, only half of the band was present. I’m sure, with the hole band, their performance would have been excellent. Even so, they are really good, and I look forward to seeing them again. Hopefully, next time I’ll get to see the whole band!

Upcoming Shows

It’s been busy at work with Easter coming up and everything, but I do have new bands to review lined up! Tonight, I will be going to the 1048 downtown to see Surgestone for some accoustic action. Then Saturday night, I will be headed to Rockbottom for some Splendid Chaos. I am currently listening to Splendid Chaos via their website, and I am extremely excited about this show! I also love the lighting at Rockbottom, so I should get some good stuff!

The interview with The Eastern Wave is also coming soon!

Keep an eye open for updates. 🙂

A Night of Getting Miss Used

Miss Used










Silver light flashed across the stage as the band entered. A thunderous rhythm resounded from the drums. The bassist, guitarist, and vocalist stood in a ragged line, their backs to the audience, whose cheering and screaming rose to the rafters. The guitars struck their first chords, and the Rock Bottom Pub thrummed with vibrant life. The pub’s patrons were drawn to the music and the stage like a starved man faced with a grand feast. The show Miss Used provided was mesmerizing, their music full of heady energy.

The greatest issue I have with cover bands is that often they do little more than mimic the form. There’s no energy, no creativity, no flair. Not so with Miss Used. With every song, they reminded their listeners why they loved those songs and made them enjoy them anew. This wasn’t just some gig in a small pub in Montgomery. This was a full-blown show that transformed the sports bar into a true concert venue.

It was apparent that the band was having tons of fun, and their joy at creating such wonderful music was infectious. It was impossible not to sing along or get up and dance. From those first chords, Miss Used grabbed hold of you, took you for a wild ride, and didn’t let go of you until you were spinning and laughing with wild abandon, drunk on music (and, let’s face it, alcohol).

In short, Miss Used was captivating. They were everything a cover band should be.

Check out their website for tour dates. Though based in Birmingham, AL, they tour much of the Southeast. Believe me, they are not a band to be missed! Especially if, like me, you’re a lover of rock. Unless you hate rock or having fun, you will not be disappointed by Miss Used.

After you’ve checked out their tour dates (what are you waiting for? Go look! Now!), please check out the slideshow below for more photos of this amazing band.




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Upcoming review

Hey all! Afraid there are no new bands to review this week. (Attempted to go to a songwriters night at another bar, but there was a very poor turn out. Nothing really to note at all. Very sad.)

However, I will be going to see Miss Used this Saturday at Rockbottom American Pub (in Montgomery). Update should be early next week! Stay tuned!