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At this rate, I’m seeing shows faster than I can get them up here. Sorry about that.

Well, I have 3 band reviews that will be coming up soon. First will be Reckless, followed by Chaos Unplugged, and finally, Splendid Chaos (notice a theme here?).

Check back soon! 🙂


Big Event!

If you’re in or around the Montgomery area, you will want to be at the Rock Bottom American Pub on May 22nd! They will be teamed up with the American Red Cross for a 12 hour music event! Yours truly will be there to cover the event (excluding any unforeseen circumstances). The music will be from 12noon to midnight, with 12 different groups performing. No cover charge. However, they will be taking donations to help with the tornado relief for those affected by this springs’ tornadoes.

Go here for more details!

Two Men Under Fire

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It might be obvious by now that one of my favorite venues in Montgomery is the 1048 Jazz and Blues Bar. The setting for taking photographs isn’t as good as it is at the Rock Bottom Pub. However, I love the atmosphere of the 1048. I’ve never seen it packed here, which gives it an almost small town pub feel, though it is in the heart of the city. The fact that so many people know each other here, and the friendliness of the bar tenders, adds to this.

What I really love about going to the 1048 is seeing the raw talent of the local musicians. Every week I’ve gone there has been a pleasant surprise. This past Saturday (4-30-11), I went expecting – from the website’s schedule – to hear a band I had never heard of called the Woodpeckers. As it turned out, the band was unable to make it that night. The 1048 promises live music 7 days a week, 365 days a year, so not having a band play that night simply wouldn’t do. So two musicians who didn’t know each other (and thus had never played together) were contacted by a mutual friend and asked to come play (according to drummer Andrew).

I had met the drummer, Andrew, before when he played with his brother, Jay, on Monday nights. He was accompanied by guitarist Jeremy (I hope I got your name right! I’m going on memory.), whom I don’t believe I’ve seen play before. Both of them are outstanding musicians, and though I could tell that they had never played together before (as I watched and listened to them work to match each other’s rhythm), they still managed to sound amazing together. They even managed to succeed when faced with an bar of people who couldn’t decide on what songs they wanted to hear, as evidenced by the drunkard who insisted on Alice In Chains and nearly started a fight when nearly everyone else disagreed on his music choice. (Fortunately, no fight actually broke out. Everyone basically ignored him, and he eventually quieted down. Thankfully.)

During the musicians’ first break of the night, I took a moment to speak with Andrew. He explained to me that many musicians learn to play by ear. This is in contrast to how I learned – by learning to read sheet music. With sheet music, everything is laid out before you like a map. The notes you’re supposed to play, how long to hold each note, the tempo, even the crescendos and decrescendos. Playing by ear, on the other hand, involves hearing pitches and rhythms and learning to reproduce them. It may sound easy, but unless you know the difference between a high E and a high C (for example) and know those notes when you hear them… Suffice to say, it takes talent to play either way. I love that I know how to read music and believe that it’s important, but I know that’s not the only way to learn. 

I’m impressed by musicians who can play by ear because it’s something that I cannot do. Sure, when I’m playing, I can hear when I get something wrong. But that’s not the same thing. I am stuck relying on sheet music to play anything. 

But to the point… It’s important to support local musicians. Go places where live music is played. Give them a chance, because there is so much raw talent out there. Musicians, the good ones at least, don’t play to get rich. They play because they love their music, because it’s their passion and they have fun doing it. They enjoy playing for an appreciative audience. Without the audience… Well, then they’re just playing to a brick wall, and who wants to do that?

If you’re in Montgomery, the 1048 downtown plays music every night of the week. Go check them out! 

Seeing double?

Noticed another site with these posts? Possibly not, but if you have…

It’s just me. I’m slowly transferring the posts on this site to a Blogger site. Started as a class project (setting up a blogger website), but now I’m trying to decide which I like better. Both have their positives and negatives.

If interested, you can see my other site at Let me know what you think!

In the meantime, I’ll try to update both simultaneously, although this will be the site for the random updates as to when the next show will be…

Speaking of which…I still have two shows to update! I will get them posted as soon as possible, I promise!

quick update

There is an update on the way, I promise! School started this week, so I’ve been hectic trying to rearrange my schedule. But there will be an update! Hopefully late tonight…

I apologize for the delay. Please check back soon!

No updates this week…

Sorry for the lack of updates. As I mentioned in the previous post, I missed out on Saturday night’s Splendid Chaos show because of work. Likewise, last night’s planned trip out was canceled due to the tornadic activity in Alabama. Meanwhile, I’m still waiting back on answers from one of the members of the Eastern Wave, so the interview is still delayed. (One of the joys of long distance interviewing, I guess. I’ll learn.)

The next few weeks, though, I have at least half a dozen bands that I want to go see, so that should provide some good stuff.

Keep checking in! ^___^


The bad news is that something came up at work and I ended up out of town this week and won’t be making it to Montgomery in time to see Splendid Chaos tonight.

The good news is that, while waiting for my exclusive interview with The Eastern Wave, you can go here and sample/download some of their music!

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to order (or download) your copy of the Wobbly Tom’s album, Everybody Happy, also found here.

Also a note to everyone who’s stopped by to see this blog. Thank you for the read, and I hope you continue to check me out for updates! If anyone has any suggestions on bands they think I should see, or venues I should check out, please feel free to leave a comment! Thank you again!