A Night of Getting Miss Used

Miss Used










Silver light flashed across the stage as the band entered. A thunderous rhythm resounded from the drums. The bassist, guitarist, and vocalist stood in a ragged line, their backs to the audience, whose cheering and screaming rose to the rafters. The guitars struck their first chords, and the Rock Bottom Pub thrummed with vibrant life. The pub’s patrons were drawn to the music and the stage like a starved man faced with a grand feast. The show Miss Used provided was mesmerizing, their music full of heady energy.

The greatest issue I have with cover bands is that often they do little more than mimic the form. There’s no energy, no creativity, no flair. Not so with Miss Used. With every song, they reminded their listeners why they loved those songs and made them enjoy them anew. This wasn’t just some gig in a small pub in Montgomery. This was a full-blown show that transformed the sports bar into a true concert venue.

It was apparent that the band was having tons of fun, and their joy at creating such wonderful music was infectious. It was impossible not to sing along or get up and dance. From those first chords, Miss Used grabbed hold of you, took you for a wild ride, and didn’t let go of you until you were spinning and laughing with wild abandon, drunk on music (and, let’s face it, alcohol).

In short, Miss Used was captivating. They were everything a cover band should be.

Check out their website for tour dates. Though based in Birmingham, AL, they tour much of the Southeast. Believe me, they are not a band to be missed! Especially if, like me, you’re a lover of rock. Unless you hate rock or having fun, you will not be disappointed by Miss Used.

After you’ve checked out their tour dates (what are you waiting for? Go look! Now!), please check out the slideshow below for more photos of this amazing band.




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