New entries coming up

At this rate, I’m seeing shows faster than I can get them up here. Sorry about that.

Well, I have 3 band reviews that will be coming up soon. First will be Reckless, followed by Chaos Unplugged, and finally, Splendid Chaos (notice a theme here?).

Check back soon! 🙂



The bad news is that something came up at work and I ended up out of town this week and won’t be making it to Montgomery in time to see Splendid Chaos tonight.

The good news is that, while waiting for my exclusive interview with The Eastern Wave, you can go here and sample/download some of their music!

And if you haven’t already, don’t forget to order (or download) your copy of the Wobbly Tom’s album, Everybody Happy, also found here.

Also a note to everyone who’s stopped by to see this blog. Thank you for the read, and I hope you continue to check me out for updates! If anyone has any suggestions on bands they think I should see, or venues I should check out, please feel free to leave a comment! Thank you again!

Upcoming Shows

It’s been busy at work with Easter coming up and everything, but I do have new bands to review lined up! Tonight, I will be going to the 1048 downtown to see Surgestone for some accoustic action. Then Saturday night, I will be headed to Rockbottom for some Splendid Chaos. I am currently listening to Splendid Chaos via their website, and I am extremely excited about this show! I also love the lighting at Rockbottom, so I should get some good stuff!

The interview with The Eastern Wave is also coming soon!

Keep an eye open for updates. 🙂